Sneeze Guard/Screen from an old window

Did you know that construction waste is around 40% of what goes into the landfills?  While the lamps and melting plastic is a love of art, some of the side projects we do are keeping other kinds of waste out of the waste-stream.

As the country reopens, there’s been a scrambling for sneeze guards and protective screens.  Rather than making another plexiglass shield with stuff from Home Depot, we pulled an old sash window out of the stack and gave it a couple feet:

This was a super easy project, just getting the measurements right and droppings some screws in place, and then Markie picked a great vintage paint color from the shelf of samples we’ve never found a home for.

The feet were from my scrap-scrap pile; that is, I’d already used the wood for something else but had a small piece leftover. I was able to get the two 7 inch feet out of a scrap of a two-by-four, and then make the “clamps” (the bit of wood that goes under the shelf on the countertop) from the trimming of another board.

Those feet do a great job of holding the screen in place, and it’s awesome to see this old window have a new life and purpose.  It’s a little funky, but it’s also a bit of whimsey and fun in an otherwise scary time.

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