I make these lamps from reclaimed lumber in my little shop in Astoria Oregon overlooking the lower Columbia River with the sound of sea lions barking on the pier down the hill in the East Basin.

The soft, warm panels of the lampshades are made from melted Starbucks iced drink cups we’ve been collecting ever since we discovered the cups aren’t actually recycled even if you put them in curbside. I melt the cups and lids down in an old toaster oven, flatten them, shape them and fit them in the frames.

Craftsman Style Table Lamp – $250
The classic lamp style looks great on a countertop, side table or any other place you want to add a little warmth.

The lampshade is 12″ on each edge, and the overall lamp is 20″ tall.

  • Lampshade made from Scrap wood and melted Plastic cups

  • Craftsman Style Lamp from Reclaimed Wood and Plastic Cups

Wood Block Base Craftsman Lamp – $200
Hewn (well, cut with a skill saw) from a 4×8 timber, this solid piece of wood creates a smaller base for the Craftsman light fixture.

The lampshade is 12″ on each edge, and the overall lamp is 16″ tall.

Other Projects

Cedar Plank Winebox Cover – $45

I came back from Costco the other day with a big box of red wine. I had to agree that it’s not the most attractive thing to have on the bar, so, being someone who has a shop and makes things, I decided to build a little box for the box. Using leftover cedar shingles and wood from an old door, I was able to make a cover that makes the cardboard box disappear into some nice, organic, practical art rather than adverting the bulk wine brand.

Fits a large wine box (5 1/2″ square) but I discovered you can pull the bag out of other boxes and set it inside and it works too.

  • Cedar Plank Wood Wine Box
  • Wine Box Cover
  • Wine Box Cover With Wine
  • Wine box lid
  • Wine box cover in progress

Basic Wood Boxed Wine Cover

The convenience and economy of boxed wine is great, but the box sitting on the counter is kind of ugly.  I make these wine box covers from recovered or reclaimed finish grade plywood with solid wood stays.  The interior of the box is 5×5″ which works for most big boxes — if you have a favorite wine and want a custom size, contact me and I’ll should be able to make one for your specifications.