A Better Box of Wine

I came back from Costco the other day with a big box of red wine. I had to agree that it’s not the most attractive thing to have on the bar, so, being someone who has a shop and makes things, I decided to build a little box for the box.

First I grabbed some leftover cedar shingles and cut them down to the size of the sides of the box. Surprisingly those boxes aren’t perfectly square, but instead about 5″ on one side and 5 1/2″ on the other.

Then I took a bit of the frame from when I tore apart a solid core door. It’s a good solid wood, so I wasn’t afraid of cutting it into a nice L shape to hold the panels together, and it’s an interesting looking wood, too, so I was okay with it taking focus in the design

I drilled a hole for the spout, and while the first try broke the board, I might actually leave a gap intentionally in the future to make it easier to slip the shell over the box. Final step was to glue the pieces together and clamp it really tight. Just needed to fashion a lid for the box, and it was done

The final product has a rough, natural look and definitely doesn’t look like a box-o-wine until you see the spout.

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