Scrappy Scrap Wood Animal Boxes

I wanted to find something I could do with all the scrap wood that I end up collecting — something quick and fun that helps keep the wood out of the landfill and maybe turned into something useful

The problem with really fancy woodworking is that it takes awhile, so I needed something a little less fancy, a little more flexible… something fun and easy… so… I came up with the Scrappy Scrap Wood Animal planter boxes.

My Scrap Wood Reindeer at a Christmas tree lot in Portland

I started with the very simple reindeer. Very simple… one might say “a study in abstract design.” I have to admit the first ones I made had some issues with loose antlers (which sounds like a problem for the vet). I changed the antlers to little horns and it’s a much more solid animal.

The scrap wood deer visiting a Christmas Tree lot in Portland

Overall it’s a simple box, with wood screws holding the base together so it can hold some nice heavy potted plants.

But, when I look in my shop I have a lot of smaller pieces of wood that aren’t going to make a nice big box like reindeer so I worked on designs for a smaller box that could go on a deck or a patio an came up with the menagerie of bunnies, cats, dogs and… sheep? That’s the fun part of abstract design — it can be what you want it to be.

Scrap Wood Animal Planter Boxes